unrealized proposal

An unrealized concept for a sculptural installation within an interior courtyard of a high school, Ping! consisted of 9 reactive monoliths that would have been spread throughout a tiered landscape between several campus buildings.

The units, designed with varying heights and widths, would have acrylic on the broad faces to diffuse panels of LEDs within. Each LED panel would show something to the effect of rain drops – radiating circles of different colors, where each new circle would not only spawn a new color but also emanate a soft sound similar to that of a cello pluck. The high school environment would drive the colors and frequency of these drops. Louder sounds in the hallways would create more drops at a faster pace, a well lit environment [when the sun is out] would alter the hues of the drops with more variation.

The intention was to provide a place of serenity amid the turbulent high school atmosphere.

In collaboration with Brian Brush.