Des Cours

New Orleans, 2011

[Video by Carson Smuts]
[Photos by Steven Tsai]

Designed for Des Cours, 2011 – An architectural installation festival throughout New Orleans.

The presentation consists of a floating field of blossoms that are interactively linked to various hot spots around the site. Each blossom pulsates slowly while hovering in the dimly lit space. As the participant walks through the exhibit the blossoms react inversely to their position. When it detects a prolonged presence the idle pulsating stops and the blossom flowers. While the user remains in the hot spot the expanded blossom is frozen until they move on. When this happens, the blossom retracts until it returns to an idle state.

The blossoms expose themselves through a transformation of both form and light. The glow from each blossom changes in color temperature and intensity depending on the duration of the user interaction.

In collaboration with Carson Smuts and Steven Tsai.