Relativity's Reach
Completed at the OCR
using Processing
for Scientific American
Even after 100 years, Albert Einstein’s landmark Field Equations of Gravitation paper continues to resonate among the scientific community; Scientific American approached The OCR to make a small piece to illustrate this lasting effect.

By combing through a snapshot of for papers added in 2014 that were self-identified with a few key terms associated with Einstein’s theory we found 2,435 abstracts that showed how his research is still relevant today.

The end result illustrated groupings of these papers based on IBM Watson’s text analysis of their abstracts. An additional layer of information: the size, color, and outline, gave an indication of the popularity, authorship, and status of each paper. The final product, while more of an artistic interpretation than an exact scientific explanation, shows the general trends of physics papers today and the continuing influence of Einstein on the community.

In collaboration with Genevieve Hoffman while at the OCR.

Some process imagery: