OCR Journal #002
Completed at the OCR
using InDesign
imagery by various people

The OCR Journal #002, published in 2017, was the much anticipated followup to the OCR Journal #001. Following the exploratory nature of the first journal, #002 expanded the breadth of material by shifting the article’s physical format and by showcasing the extent of the office – compared to the 6 or so contributors to the initial journal, #002 featured pieces by all 10 members of the office plus a few from the office’s friends.

I personally laid out the content within the artifact, coordinated the content collection, and generated the unique Twitter based cover-art that made each of the 1,000 copies unique. Although the printed copies are completely sold out, the digital version is available.

As for the piece that I contributed, it focused on buttering up the machine… the thing that has quickly risen from being our mechanical curiosity to our crutch. When it inevitably overtakes humanity I want to be in a position of friend, not foe. Read the full text here.

A few pages from the book: